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Duplicati 2.0
The next major release on our roadmap is Duplicati 2.0. Development on 2.0 has already been started and there is an experimental release available that currently features a new command line client. 

The new command line client comes with a significantly simplified command syntax. E.g. the backup command now makes a backup, deletes old data, cleans up the stored files and tests the integrity of files stored in the remote backend.

The new command line client also features a new storage engine. It is a new block-based storage (PDF) that makes regular full backups obsolete. After the first full backup, the sub-sequent backups are all incremental. This makes Duplicati 2.0 a perfect backup tool for large media libraries and other data that rarely changes.

Besides the new command line client and the new storage engine, Duplicati 2.0 comes with email notifications, 7z/LZMA2 compression, and other features. A complete list of changes can be found in the 1st announcement and 2nd announcement of the experimental release.

There are wto more things required for the 2.0 release:
  • Duplicati 2.0 will install as service and be able to run in the background even if users are not logged in. This will make it easier to use Duplicati in corporate environments and it will make the built-in scheduler more effective.
  • A web-based user interface allows users to install Duplicati on many platforms and run the UI remotely in any web-browser. This will solve many UI issues for MacOS and allow users to run Duplicati on NAS devices.
We would like to get the new release as soon as possible. But we develop Duplicati in our spare time which is limited. That is why we still cannot give you a release date.