New website and update

A few things have happened during the last months. A website went live and we rolled out quite a few updates. Here is a short summary.

New website

We have launched a new website. First, we found it was time to come up with a much nicer website that uses up-to-date technology. Second, the old website focused on Duplicati 1.3.4. We felt it was time to make a switch now and get Duplicati 2.0 rolled out. We still call it experimental,but the website change is a first step to getting it out (the more users, the more confidence).

Technical update

A few versions have been rolled with many changes. Here is a short summary of the highlights up to version

  • Graphical updates to make the UI look a bit nicer than it is already
  • Backends: OneDrive for Business added
  • Exporting feature is nice but makes more sense when importing is available, too. :-)
  • Libraries: FTP lib changed, SSH lib updated, new mail librarly with proper SSL support, AWS S3 lib updated,
  • More speed improvements (Yeah!)
  • Compacting feature now available in UI
  • Lots of fixes and minor improvements

When will it be released?

We still get asked, when Duplciati 2.0 will be released as stable version. We have a large user base and a bit hesitant to declare Duplicati 2.0 as stable. If you are using the experimental version right now and think, it deserves to be called “beta” or “stable”, please let us know.