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About the Project

Duplicati is a project that is run by volunteers who think that everyone’s privacy has to be protected as well as personal data. We are not paranoid about data protection and privacy, but we think that backups to cloud services make sense and backup data on cloud services must be as safe as in my home.

People behind Duplicati

The Duplicati project was started by Kenneth Skovhede in 2008. Kenneth wanted to port duplicity from Linux to Windows. The “simple port” soon became a huge rewrite. In 2011 René Stach joined the project. Kenneth and René then decided to redesign Duplicati from scratch and drop compatibility to duplicity and Duplicati 1.3 in favour of better functionality. The redesigned version was made available as Duplicati 2.0.

Besides Kenneth and René many people have contributed to Duplicati. Some have committed source code, some have tested and reported issues, others have donated some money which the project uses e.g. to run specific online services around Duplicati.

Touch Points

  • To report issues with Duplicati 2.0 or support development, please Visit us on Github
  • To ask for help, you can use our Forum
  • To keep up-to-date about what’s going on, you can also follow us on Facebook or Google+
  • For very specific inquiries, you can send us an email to Kenneth or René


Duplicati 2.0 is run by volunteers who spend their spare time to develop great backup software. As the software is given away for free, the project totally relies on donations to run its services. Visit the Donation page to see options for donating.