Many backends

Duplicati works with standard protocols like FTP, SSH, and WebDAV, as well as popular services like Backblaze B2, Storj, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive,, Mega, and many others.


Backup files and folders with strong AES-256 encryption. Save space with incremental backups and data deduplication. Run backups on any machine through the web-based interface or via the command line interface. Duplicati has a built-in scheduler and auto-updater.

Free software

Duplicati is free software and open source. You can use Duplicati for free, even for commercial purposes. Source code is licensed under the MIT license. Duplicati runs under Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It requires .NET 4.7 or Mono.

Strong encryption

Duplicati uses strong AES-256 encryption to protect your privacy. Duplicati also supports GPG to encrypt your backup.

Built for online

Duplicati was designed for online backups from scratch. It is not only data efficient, but also handles network issues nicely (e.g., interrupted backups can be resumed, and Duplicati tests the content of backups regularly). Broken backups on corrupt storage systems are detected before it’s too late.

Web-based user interface

Duplicati is configured by a web interface that runs in any browser (even mobile) and can be accessed - if you'd like - from anywhere. The web interface enables support for Duplicati on headless machines, like a NAS (network attached storage).