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Duplicati 1.3 beta (r969) available

posted Nov 2, 2011, 9:56 AM by Rene Stach   [ updated Nov 2, 2011, 2:40 PM ]
Today we made available the first beta version of Duplicati 1.3. This version contains a lot of new features and fixes. It now supports Windows Live SkyDrive, Google Docs and Amazon S3 compatible hosts as targets for your backup. Furthermore, Duplicati comes with smaller changes that make it faster and easier to use. Have a look at the detailed list below to find out what Duplicati 1.3 beta brings for you.
Before we can make a final release of Duplicati 1.3, translations need to be updated (in progress), but currently there are no more issues on our list besides that. Nonetheless, be careful! Although this version has been tested by the developers and a few users, there might be new issues. So here is our advice: Please give this new version a try, especially the new features. But don't use it on productive systems or with really important backups! 

In the case that you find a new issue with this version, please report it in the discussion forum or using the issue tracker. Of course, we also like some positive feedback if this version works just fine for you. 

Here is the list of major changes in Duplicati 1.3:
  • SkyDrive support. Skydrive can now be used as backup target. (#119#387, #251)

  • Google Docs support. Duplicati can now use Google Docs to save backup files. (#376#467)

  • Support for Amazon S3 compatible hosts. More and more providers seem to provide online space using an S3 compatible API. A new Amazon S3 API now allows configuration of alternative hosts. This has been tested with Hosteurope. (#374, #160)

  • Duplicati is now also available in Spanish. Thanks to Josep for this contribution. (#426)

  • Check for files/existing backup in the target folder. Duplicati now checks if the target folder holds an existing backup and gives a warning. (#150, #407)

  • Backup speed improved. Duplicati now uses asynchronous jobs as default which means that it starts uploading while the backup is created. (#254)

  • Filters now support easier formats with placeholders like *.jpg rather than regular expressions only. (#231)

  • Prevent automatic hibernation during backup. When a backup is running Duplicati prevents the computer from automatic hibernation. Thanks to Livio or investigating and fixing! (#253)

  • Delete-all-but-n: This command for the command line will delete all but n backups in your target. This has been introduced for those users who want to make sure that always n backups are available no matter what settings they have chosen for full and incremental backups.

  • Many more issues have been fixed since 1.2. Have a look at the list of all changes after 1.2.